Your "One Stop Shop"

Our market

Our elastics have been used for:

  • halloween and christmas fancy dress costumes hat wigs masks
  • Fancy Dress Shop
  • prams covers
  • novelty hats and masks
  • shoes and ballet slippers
  • braces
  • belts (eg. nurses belts)
  • jackets (eg. cuffs, waistbands, etc.)
  • sportswear (eg. waistbands for jogging pants, gripper for cycle shorts, swimwear, sports fashionwear, and many other kinds)
  • ladiesí casualwear (eg. waistbands for skirts and dresses)
  • menís casualwear
  • dancewear
  • protective clothing (eg. waistbands and cuffs for boiler suits...)
  • childrenís clothing
  • lingerie (eg. bra straps, knicker elastics, etc.) and more general underwear
  • menís underwear (eg. boxer shorts, etc.)
  • suitcase straps
  • ironing board covers
  • fitted bedsheets
  • specialised items, such as sponge bags
  • and even for keeping open repair hatches on aeroplanes!

So whatever you need elastic for, you can rely on us to provide the right product.

Product range

We manufacture and supply all kinds of elastic, both standard and specialised:

  • Woven elastic (including belt and brace qualities)
  • Knitted elastic
  • Braided elastic
  • Round elastic (shock cord)
  • Polypropylene elastic (skeleton)
  • Corded elastic
  • Finished/starched elastic
  • Coloured and printed elastic
  • Plush back elastic
  • Gripper elastic

Also other kinds of narrow fabrics, such as

  • Rubber tape
  • Hanging/stay tape
  • Cotton tape
  • Herringbone tape
  • Polypropylene webbing
  • Shoelace tape

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