Supplying Quality Elastics to the Textiles Industry since 1983

Artistic Trims started out back in 1983 like many a textiles firm; just one man and a knitting machine! Yet, unlike many, we've been growing ever since, evidenced by the purchase of larger and larger manufacturing premises and evermore manufacturing equipment!

We've developed a wide range of stock products, in line with our understanding of the UK market place and because of this understanding of how our products are used, we are always able to advise customers on the best elastic products for their application.

Not only that, but if you have any unusual elastic requirements, we're the company to contact. We, ourselves, are the manufacturers, so it is a simple matter for us to adjust the machine settings to produce a different width to usual, or make the product to extra strength or extra power. We can add a colour, a cord, a special edging or custom printing.

We Offer:

* Competitive prices
* Fast, reliable 24 hour service
* Nationwide delivery - now also open to international!
* Large stocks of all qualities
* Design service and printing service

Please note that our production and service are tailored towards bulk orders, for wholesale and large scale manufacture requirements. There is a minimum order imposed of £100 (UK Sterling), or $75 (US Dollars), FOB, ex. works.

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